Cliff Dicken von Oetinger

Born in Zurich in 1968, a degree in Industrial Systems Engineering from EPFL. In 1998 he joined the Gutta family group, taking care of various production sites, before moving to Hungary in 2014 and starting to import and market Italian materials in the construction sector. Since 2017 the Gutta group has been divided and reorganized. From that moment on, he took over the various companies of the group managed on the basis of the “old economy” with a radical diversification project. By introducing business intelligence (BI) elements at each plant, it has made it possible to greatly increase the flow of information and the economic results from year to year. These business intelligence tools have also made it possible to have all the information necessary to support strategic decisions, seeing and checking all company data in every country and in every office. Besides Italian, he speaks fluent German, French, English, and Hungarian. He actively participates in the Swiss Business Club Hungary for his role in the development of human, economic, and commercial relationships between Switzerland and Hungary – where he also held the position of President from 2008 to 2010.