We are promoters of an innovative, internationalized, ethical, and sustainable business system based on the presence of private associations, the direct participation of companies, and the creation of opportunities for businesses.

Who we are

Confindustria Ungheria is an association established as a meeting space for those who recognize Hungary as a place for investment, development, and growth of their businesses. Our goal is to support the Italian business community by valuing members through meeting, aggregating, and developing relationships between the different presences in the area.

The association’s activities are also aimed at developing bilateral industrial partnerships and relationships with the local business community interested in Italy.

Ingenuity is seeing possibilities where others see none.

Why join Confindustria Ungheria?

We have common values, shared interests, and goals: Join us.

Confindustria Ungheria is a meeting place that aims to promote the large and qualified Italian business presence, both public and private.

Confindustria Ungheria supports initiatives for cooperation and information sharing regarding the business and economic environment.

We make information a strategic element through cooperation with a study center and an online newspaper about Hungarian economic information in the Italian language.

“We work together to be more and more rooted and recognized at the European and international level.”
– President Confindustria Eastern Europe, Maria Luisa Meroni

By personal and professional education, I firmly believe that teamwork is the only way to achieve results that, individually, would not be achievable.

How to join Confindustria Ungheria?

To join Confindustria Ungheria, it is necessary to fill out the attached membership form. Admission of member companies is made based on the unquestionable judgment of the Board of Directors by resolution of the Board of Directors upon written application.

For more information in filling out the form or to learn more about why to join Confindustria Ungheria: info@confindustria.hu or call: +36 30 620 55 41.

Governance and Membership

We are a group of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals representing some of the best-known companies and manufacturing entities in Hungary.

We believe in the importance of relationships and the exchange of information.

We are happy to share our experiences and welcome members to develop new synergies.

Founding Members